What are the housewives saying?

8 Jun

From family reconciliations, sprinkle cookies, and wine throwing; here is what the housewives are saying this week-

Here’s what Teresa had to say about the card and cookies Melissa gave her:

“Here’s the whole story — Melissa came to my house on ChristmasEve with store-bought cookies still in their plastic container, like she just grabbed them at the grocery store. And you’ve seen how we Gorgas do dessert! It was just another sign of disrespect to me. I cooked the entire meal and that’s what she brings? She’s been in our family for six years. She couldn’t bring a nice dessert she knew everyone would like? They sat there, and nobody touched them. And my mother-in-law was the one who threw them out. She didn’t know who brought them, she just said, “Who brought these cookies? Who brought them? They no good. Nobody eat them.” It was embarrassing actually.

Two days later, Melissa was over at my house again for my parent’s anniversary. Again, I prepared a nice dinner and she brings nothing. And it just aggravated me… throwing out a whole container of uneaten cookies, it’s just such a waste of money, of food, of everything, and at a time when we were not wasting anything. And her housewarming card for my re-done house… I think that just speaks for itself about her attitude toward me and my family. I had enough. I took her aside and told her to bring something else next time, because her cookies went in the garbage. I probably didn’t say it in the nicest tone, but I wasn’t happy about it. I was just over her constant digs. It’s like poison to a family after a while. If you follow on her Facebook, you know what came next and what she’s said about me. I didn’t answer back, nor have I ever posted anything vicious about her on my Facebook or Twitter, but I’m glad the truth is finally out.”

Teresa also said this, “I was surprised that Melissa said they spend every Thanksgiving with Kathy and her family. Like Kathy said, they’ve never spent Thanksgiving together. I was sad we didn’t spend it together, and I was sad Kathy chose to go to Melissa’s house.”

Melissa posted her blog right after Teresa and she obviously had read it because she had this to say,” We have never spent Thanksgiving at home together, this is the first time, but I did go on vacation with her and her family twice on Thanksgiving. I think it was confusing when I said it in my interview, I meant this year we were all going to be together with my family too!”

And in response to the sprinke cookie controversy, Melissa said this,

“I feel like you got to listen to Teresa’s excuse as to why she threw away the cookies I brought her for Christmas. However, I’m going to have to say I think it was a pretty lame excuse. I do feel the need to explain what happened though. I was four or five months pregnant at Christmas last year, when we were going to Teresa’s house. I went to Corrados, the same store you see me do my Thanksgiving shopping at to buy cookies to bring to her house. I saw these beautiful Christmas-looking sparkly cookies wrapped beautifully in paper that I couldn’t take my eyes of off. Maybe it was because I was pregnant and wanted everything. I love that store, it’s the best Italian store in the area! When I first got married I used to go all the time with my father-in-law, we would go shopping together a couple times a month and before every holiday! He taught me to love that store! He told me they have the best of everything. Anyway, we had to go to Teresa’s house the next day after Christmas, because it was my in-laws’ anniversary, and we were going over for cake. Teresa had some friends there, we were all in the kitchen cleaning up, and Teresa said to me in front of everyone that she threw my cookies away because they looked like they were from a supermarket and not a bakery. She said she doesn’t like that type of cookie, and no one ate them. She said the next time I come to her house I should bring pignoli cookies from a bakery. I don’t know if she was implying that I’m cheap or she just wanted to be mean. I also don’t know if she has now decided that she is Queen Elizabeth! Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it was rude, and I was embarrassed in front of her friends. I was also pregnant and that makes it even worse. I was taught to be thankful for anything someone brings to my house. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t expect anything from anyone. I will say that when I went back the next day after Christmas for the anniversary dinner, I brought a beautiful chocolate cake from a bakery hoping to please her this time. For the record, I happen to love colorful Christmas sprinkle cookies!

OK, so why did I write “redone home?” Contrary to the rumors, I don’t wish to expose my husband’s family, but I do think I should explain this. First off let me say it is a beautiful redone home. Was it a dig? Yes! Teresa did live in that house for five years before they decided to put the addition on it. (I’m still confused why she said she skeeves out at living in other people’s homes, because she did for five years.) I don’t see what’s wrong with that. What’s wrong with making rooms bigger and adding a couple! Is it just me? Most people would love to live in that house. Did I know she would not like the wording, yes. What you will see in episodes to come is that she has been throwing digs at me since the day I came into this family. Why? I don’t know. I could never figure it out, I could never figure out why she would say something so rude to me and then two minutes later smile and want to go to lunch. To be honest I’ve been confused about Teresa since the day I met her. I’ve decided not to list the digs that have been thrown at me first before I wrote that card. If they play out on the show they do, if they don’t, they don’t. Was redone the best choice of words, no. When I entered this family I put them first, I spent more time with Teresa and Joe’s parents then I did my own. I loved them, and my family lived an hour and a half away. We spent almost every Sunday with them and we went out to dinner with Joe and Teresa and Kathy and Rich almost every weekend! Believe me I tried, I put his family first.

I will say I’m also happy they showed us at the housewarming party! Can we now put all those rumors to rest that Joe and I were mad for not being around the cameras? It’s just simply not true.”

So..what do you think?


Meanwhile, one state over, in NYC, the ladies have been dealing with some drama of their own.

Ramona talked about the other woman in her husband’s life and her relationship with Jill-

“There is another woman in my husband’s life: my daughter, Avery. The answer was so obvious to me!!! Avery is now a beautiful young woman of 16 years. The bond that Mario and Avery have together as father and daughter is one that I have never seen before.

Let’s talk about what a good friend is: To me, a good friend always has your back and doesn’t talk behind your back. A true friend is not two-faced. The fact that Jill said everyone in life (including her) is two-faced shocked me to the core! By hearing that, it really showed me what her viewpoint is on being a friend, and, to me, with friends like that, who needs enemies?!?

I wanted so badly to make up with Jill, I really did. That is why, at the end of the fight, I flopped on my bed and was so devastated by the fact that she would not apologize or just own up to talking behind my back. Yet, she wanted me to apologize about her not making up with Bethenny?!?  This was beyond my comprehension.

Jill could never say sorry. She was so full of anger and venom that the conversation was not going anywhere. I kept talking over her to bring the conversation back to just being about she and I. I tried to stay calm, but how is it my fault she did not make up with Bethenny? Jill won’t even own the fact and take responsibility that it was she herself that caused the end of their friendship. She’s blaming me?!?

She seems to have two sets of rules, one for herself and another set for others. Jill seems to be a one-way street.  Why can’t Jill ever be accountable for what she does?  I make mistakes all the time by putting my foot in my mouth, but it does not come from a place of meanness or ill-intent — just from an unfiltered mouth that I am trying to work on!!! LOL! But I always own what I do and take responsibility for my actions. “

Jill said,

“Building up the courage to even talk to Ramona took a lot out of me. I have really tried to be a better listener and hoped to finally hear what I ever did to Ramona to make her act the way she does towards me. When she told me that she was holding on to a resentment about a sarcastic comment I made to someone at her renewal, honestly I was surprised. Ramona often says “I know I put my foot in my mouth sometimes,” but yet she NEVER apologizes. I could bring up lots of petty things she has said about me and to me, but in life you need to let the small stuff go.

All I wanted from Ramona was an acknowledgement that she hurt me deeply and was sorry. That if she could redo that day on the island, she would have tried to help me make peace. I walked into the house that day holding Bobby’s hand, with a smile on my face. What did they want me to do? Walk in screaming “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

I’d like to address a few of the things Ramona has said about me recently. I am sad to say, Ramona is truly mean and likes to put people down rather than build people up. (Look at the way she treated the young ladies she interviewed earlier this season) She is also a LIAR. She thinks if she says something people will automatically think it is true and sometimes they do. Honestly, I usually don’t care about what she is talking about, nor do most of you, but recently she has questioned my honesty and integrity. That is where I draw the line and must respond.

One thing people know about me is that I tell the truth. Ramona is receiving a lot of negative attention due to her own actions and instead of listening and learning from watching herself behave so badly, she is striking back every chance she can. Not only at me, but towards LuAnn, Cindy, and Kelly as well. The difference between us? I do root for the underdog, and Ramona — she likes to kick a dog when it’s down. It’s that simple. I used to think Ramona and I were just being brutally honest with each other but deep down, we respected each other. I never crossed the line by discussing things I knew about her and her family.

I realize now that Ramona has been using me to build herself up, but it is backfiring.

Most recently, Ramona accused me of lying about the sale of my house in the Hamptons, saying that I still pretended to own it. A few of my wonderful fans were also irked by these comments and sent me story links and a video clip that clearly show that I have never hid the fact that I sold my house, in fact I was proud of our sale. I am sharing these to let Ramona know, just because you say it, it doesn’t make it true, and I will always answer the call when my integrity is questioned. I have to think about whether there is anything left of our friendship to recover after this. These links and video clip will be included in my newsletter.”

I’m on Jill’s side. What about you?

And last but not least, here is what Tamra had to say about the wine-throwing incident-

“I can’t believe the season is over already. It sure went by fast and definitely went out with so many mixed emotions. I would like to say I am not proud of how I handled the situation with Jeana, and if I had to do it all over again, I would do it differently. Not to make excuses, but I really was in a bad place mentally. The divorce was taking a toll on me, and Jeana constantly talking to the press and bringing my children into it really was the icing on the cake. I tried two weeks prior to sit with Jeana and talk with her about why she felt the need to talk about my divorce to the press. I gave her the opportunity to ask me questions or let me answer any concerns she had, which I really didn’t need to do. Especially since she is not my friend and not in my life. She said she was wrong and would not do it again. Besides, didn’t Jeana leave the show because she didn’t want all the “drama” us Housewives brought? A couple days before the party Jeana once again went to the press and said some pretty horrible things about me and even prompted a story that had a picture of my children in it. I went crazy inside! This is a woman that lets her husband and kids walk all over her. She is so used to abuse that she has low self esteem. The sad thing is I kind of feel sorry for her in a way. I am convinced that Jeana will continue to support men with bad behavior the rest of her life, and that is why she will never be in a healthy relationship.”

To read the full blogs of the all of the housewives visit www.bravotv.com



“It just seems like everytime Teresa says “Hello” or “Congratulations”, the sh*t hits the fan.”-Jacqueline Laurita

8 Jun

So, I don’t think I need to go into details about the cast of the show. If you’re reading this, your probaby already know all of them- Caroline, the strong, classy mother going through a little bit of empty nest syndrome; Jacqueline, the nicest and calmest of all the ladies and the frustrated mother of an adult but sometimes teenagish girl; Teresa, the Italian, fabulicious mother of three young girls; Melissa, the young mother of three children and wife of Teresa’s brother ( not to mention Kim G’s new companion); and Kathy, another strong Italian mother of two, who seems genuinely try to avoid drama. (Kathy reminds me of Caroline in some ways.)

I wanted to sit and write a whole lot more about this year’s season but I couldn’t really put it into words. I think most people in this family fued are innocent. Teresa, Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga, Melissa, Kathy, Kathy’s husband, the Gorga parents- I think they are all innocent. Each person has had their feelings hurt, and I’m sure a lot of words have been said, but I think each one of them would take them back if it meant everyone would stop fighting and be a family again. I kept help getting that nagging suspicion that someone behind the scenes is causing drama. I don’t even know who it could be. Probably just someone who loves to stir up drama and then watch it play out.

Overall, I really like each of the ladies. I feel like the editing, as in all reality shows, is creating more drama in some situations then there actually was. Like that scene with Kathy and Caroline. After Kathy finished talking, it cut to a clip of Caroline saying, “I don’t care.” I’m pretty positive that was edited. Caroline said, “I don’t care.” in response to something completely different but Bravo editors clipped that in, in order to create drama.

There are some rape charge rumors going around and someone who was at the christening is trying to tell the real story of what happened. The person says that neither Teresa nor Melissa were guilty for the fued that broke out. I post information about those two things in the next few posts.

Bethenny Frankel graces the cover of Forbes, earns $55 million last year

21 May

While her former Housewives costars continue to bicker on Bravo, Bethenny Frankel continues her attempt at world domination by gracing the latest cover of Forbes magazine.

The issue is fitting for the Bethenny Ever After star as it lists the top 100 most powerful celebrities (Lady Gaga takes the #1 spot from Oprah this year). Bethenny comes in at #42 after earning an estimated $55 million from May 2010 to 2011.

Forbes states Bethenny “represents a new breed of media-savvy entrepreneurs, who see reality television not as an outlet to feed their narcissism, but as airtime to promote their products.” Bethenny admits, “What’s the point of being on TV if you don’t have something to sell?” Below are excerpts from Bethenny’s cover story –

How Much Did Bethenny Earn? – According to Forbes, Bethenny sold her Skinnygirl drink line to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global for $100 million and not the widely reported $120 mil. The deal features a multi-year payout. When you add in the sales from her expanding line of Skinnygirl products, sources close to Bethenny reveal she earned an estimated $55 million in the past 12 months (Bethenny refused to confirm the numbers). That amount is huge, especially in comparison to the estimated $700,000 she earned from Bravo for her reality show. Bethenny makes it clear this mega success is all still new to her. “Seriously,” she reveals, “it wasn’t until two years ago that I made more than my assistant.”

Growing Up Bethenny – Growing up on New York’s Long Island as the child of top-ranked horse trainer Bobby Frankel, her childhood was far from a fairytale. Bethenny grew up with multiple divorces, allegations of childhood neglect, 13 different schools, and two cross-country moves. “I had my first drink when I was 7 years old; I was betting at the track by 8,” she recalls. “My father never called me on my birthday. He never congratulated me or told me he was proud,” she says, tearing up. Bethenny would go on to attend NYU, graduating with a degree in communications and psychology.

Can Bethenny Crack a Billion? – Bethenny reveals her goal is to turn the Skinnygirl empire into a billion-dollar business. In addition to selling her Skinnygirl drink line, she also has a number of other “Skinnygirl” products in the works. And despite selling the drink line, Bethenny still retains the rights to use Skinnygirl for anything she wishes. “It would be great for Beam to sell Skinnygirl shot glasses as a complement to the cocktail,” she jokes. “But they can’t. Only I can.” New products in the works include a line of Skinnygirl nutritional supplements, with partner Matt Hesse, which has already seen wholesale orders topping $1 million in the first quarter of 2011. Her shapewear is also predicted to bring in $5 million this year (it makes its QVC debut in August). Also in the works — an online personal-training service, a fourth book and a skin-care line called Skinnygirl Face & Body. She is also contemplating soft drinks, sauces and a children’s clothing line.

“It’s a formula,” says Bethenny of the successful brands she launches with strategic partners. “They’re the expert, the formulator, manufacturer. I’m the marketer, the media person, the face–and we each know our roles.” You can read more on Bethenny’s cover story on Forbes.

Meanwhile, following her second season of BEA, Bethenny reveals she plans to lay low until filming on the third season begins in July. “I have really checked out of my own life a lot,” she told PEOPLE. “I’m laying low. I really hit the wall going 90 miles an hour.” She adds, “We’re starting filming in July for season 3, and I need the hiatus.”



Danielle Staub’s new show!

15 Nov

It seems the self proclaimed Susan Lucci of reality television will not be disappearing anytime soon, much to the dismay of many.

The HollywoodLife is reporting today that Danielle Staub, former star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, has signed a deal with VH1 to film a pilot for her upcoming spin-off reality show. You know, the one that will be focusing on her personal life, career, family etc.

The way it usually works is if VH1 likes the pilot of her spin-off show, they will then pick it up for a full season.

“VH1 has picked up her show and they are almost done with negotiations,” a “source” tells HollywoodLife. “They haven’t started filming yet, but they will soon!”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Recap

15 Nov

The 7th episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta brought us an engagement, an Aston Martin, and gasp – a dance number by Miss She by Sheree!

The episode starts out with Sheree Whitfield planning a surprise for her daughters.  And by surprise, she means calling up her daughters to show off her new Aston Martin car.  “I can’t keep putting my desires on the back burner,” she states in her interview.  No Sheree, no need to put your desires on the back burner, especially when you owe your attorneys and private investigator over $200,000.

Sheree also informs her daughter that she will be participating in the Dancing Stars of Atlanta, whatever that is.  By the way, the average price of an Aston Martin? Just a mere $200,000.  The cheapest 2010 model? $120,750. As reported, Sheree’s Aston Martin was seized two weeks ago by one of the law firms she owes money to.  Sheree’s extravagant spending is even more shocking considering the failure of her clothing line and the report that Bravo paid the Atlanta ladies $150,000 each for the third season.


Kim also has a surprise for her daughter, but unlike Sheree, this surprise is actually for her daughter courtesy of Big Poppa’s money.  We also find out that Kim loves herself and has her office decorated with numerous/inappropriate photos of herself.  With her parents present, Kim surprises 8-year-old Ariana with a new room design.  Kim claims the old room looked like it was meant for a little girl, though the new room design also looks exactly like it is meant for a little girl.  Ariana is very happy but older sister Brielle is jealous.  Kim pretends to be surprised by Brielle’s reaction but did Kim really think she could spend 60gs on one daughter’s bedroom without the other one wanting the same?

Nene shows up to Cynthia‘s gentrified home to help Cynthia’s sister plan her surprise proposal. Cynthia and Peter emerge and Cynthia appears to be truly surprised though Peter had mentioned on numerous occasions  that she should be expecting a proposal at any given minute. Peter gets down on one knee and Cynthia accepts his proposal.  In her interview, Nene wants to know why Cynthia isn’t showing more emotion, but Cynthia states in her interview that she simply doesn’t like surprises though Peter did nail the ring!

It’s Phaedra time! You know the Camille Grammer equivalent of the Atlanta Housewives.  Phaedra mentions once again that she is leaving Atlanta to go have her baby in a week despite the fact that the baby is only 7 months along.  In her interview, the always classy Phaedra mentions she is being induced because her baby is fully developed and “is ready to climb out of my vagina.”  But fret not as Phaedra has plans to deliver her 7-month-old baby in style. The classy one reveals she had a designer send her some high fashion nursing bras and couture hospital gowns. The very pompous one also mentions in her interview that the designer has worked with the likes of Nicole Richie.

As Phaedra’s friend continues to give her advice, Phaedra and her facial expressions look less than excited about learning how to take care of a baby. Nevertheless, Phaedra instructs her assistant to add penis ointment and a fifty cent piece belly band to her to do list.

I’m now convinced as ever that Bravo does this on purpose, you know, adding a very unlikable, borderline despicable housewife to every franchise. Example, Phaedra Parks, Camille Grammer, Michaele Salahi, Kelly Bensimon, etc. Oh bravo Bravo!

It’s rehearsal time and Atlanta “star” Sheree is ready to rehearse with her professional dance partner Derek.  As she practices, one of the judges of the competition shows up to watch and lend some advice, much to Sheree’s dismay as she finds him “annoying.”

Once again, we are back in the studio with Kandi, and it’s starting to seem like Kandi’s career is her main storyline this season. Lawrence aka the RuPaul of this generation, makes his entrance and Kandi wants him to lay down some tunes, but not before the messy one takes a funny shot at Kim. “I think it’s amazing that you can take someone uh like Kim, someone with no vocal ability and uh turn them into something. Somebody that is not a singer, has no tune pitch, no rhythm.” Oh yes Lawrence, we all think it’s amazing as well.

Lawrence reveals that Kim also informed him that she didn’t like Kandi’s new track, and Kandi is none too happy that Kim has been going around badmouthing her unfinished track. Lawrence steps into the booth and Kandi is pleased with his performance.

Cynthia decides to go dress shopping with her mother and sister. “Being a high fashion model, I just can’t buy my wedding dress off the rack. That would be fashion suicide. I just want to get some ideas to give to my stylist,” says Cynthia in her interview, sounding very Phaedra like.  I’m sure the store owners/workers are very happy to know Cynthia wasted their time with no intention of making a purchase.  As the dressing room is prepared, Cynthia has a heart to heart with her mom & sister about her fear of marriage.  Cynthia gets emotional as she discusses her mother’s abusive marriage to her step dad.

It’s the day of the dress rehearsal and Sheree shows up late without her dancing dress. “If they wanted me to wear my dress to the dress rehearsal, they should have told me,” states Sheree in her interview. I mean, how dare they expect anyone to come dressed to the DRESS rehearsal? The lols continue when Sheree states, “I’m a busy woman, I’m a mother, I’m an actress.”  Good one Sheree!

It’s the day of the event and Sheree shows up with her own glam team despite the fact that the event had people on hand to help her out. “I travel with my own glam team. You’ve got to be skilled to touch this face,” declares Sheree and as I said earlier this season, I’m not buying this over-the-top arrogant Sheree.  I think she is definitely playing into the Sheree character this third season, not wanting to get Lisa Wu Hartwelled.  She’s always been a tad arrogant and self absorbed but this season seems to be taking the cake.  Before she can finish up her hair and makeup, Sheree is kicked out of the room and is forced to use the restroom to get ready.

As the competition begins, Nene, who might or might not have a crush on Peter, drools over him while Kim is busy daydreaming about bouncing a quarter of the ass of NFL Player Kroy Biermann.  While at the table, Kim and Kandi discuss the song dilemma. And the always passive aggressive Kandi just kind of goes along with the conversation. I like Kandi, but I’m not a big fan of her this season as I feel she needs to speak up for herself and say what she feels instead of being so passive aggressive.

Kandi is the most talented one of the group, to my knowledge the richest, the most successful and the most liked last season.  However, I do think she is jealous of Kim’s success with her music.  If you recall, Kandi released a single last year around the same time Kim did, and as you now know, the talentless wonder had the most success. While every one knows Tardy For The Party, I’m not sure too many people remember the name of Kandi’s song. I think this fact along with the fact that Kim did not pay Kandi for the song, according to Kandi, has her feeling not too good about Kim. I mean, I keep going back to the new song she made for Kim. Kim could never sing that song or hit those high notes with all the voice lessons in the world. I’m no music expert and I know this, so why isn’t Kandi aware of this? I think on some level, whether it be conscious or subconscious, Kandi definitely wanted to embarrass Kim. Plus I don’t think the song was that catchy. I think Lawrence’s song was way catchier and more memorable. While Kandi has every reason to be frustrated with Kim over her work ethic, attitude etc, I just don’t like the way she’s going about it.

While at the table, the ladies discuss donating money to help Sheree reach her goal as it is a charity event after all. While Kandi contemplates making a generous donation, Nene quickly shuts her down and instructs everyone at the table to give $20. Yes folks, $20!  No words for this shameful display of cheapness. “They were being really cheap. I mean honestly, if I go to someone’s fundraiser, I’m spending anywhere from $500 to a $1000, you know, at least,” states Kandi in her interview, who for some reason, allowed Nene to convince her not to give more than $20. I think Kandi should have given what she wanted.  Even Sheree is a bit stunned by the cheapness of her castmates as she states in her interview that she paid $1500 for their table.

It is now time for the main event as Sheree steps out to dance with her partner Derek. As Sheree dances the night away, Bravo shows clips of her co-stars yawning, laughing and making faces in their interviews. And I can’t help but wonder if those reactions were taken out of context. I think they were.  The judges are impressed with Sheree’s dancing as she received all 9s.  “All 9s might have been a little high.  I don’t think her dancing was that challenging,” states Cynthia, once again sounding like Phaedra.

Following Sheree’s dance, Kim makes her way towards tight ass to you know, let him know about his great asset.  Evidently Kroy was pleased with Kim’s approach as he later went to her table to get her number. “Do I think he’ll call me? Duh! Would you call me?” asks Kim.  Too easy.  With that, this episode ends and next week’s looks to be oh so amazing! Sheree’s fake doctor will finally be exposed. Should be a good one.


This Week’s “Hottest Reality TV Star”

13 Nov

It’s that time again, the time to announce this week’s “Hottest Reality TV Star”. Last week it was Caroline Manzo, who will it be this week?

Drumroll please..

It’s Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-

Yes Kyle, women are like barracudas, but you don’t have to worry, because your the hottest barracuda of them all! Congrats on winning this week’s “Hottest Reality TV Star”

Reality Stars’ Week: November 13

13 Nov


Above is a photo of Real Housewives of NYC stars Countess Luann de Lesseps, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Kelly Kirazy Bensimon and Jill Zarin. The ladies posed for a group shot as they attended Teri Jon’s spring 2011 fashion presentation in New York City last Sunday. Kelly walked in the show. Notice the Bravo camera man in the mirror reflection?

Bravolebrity Bethenny Frankel flexes while attending the 24th annual Emery awards on Tuesday in NYC.


NYC Housewife Kelly Bensimon attends the Disney Takes Over Times Square with grand store opening celebration and parade at Disney Store on Tuesday in NYC.


Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian attend the launch of the Kardashian MasterCard on Tuesday in New York City. But beweare, the Kardashian Prepaid Mastercard will cost you $100 in fees for a 12 month use.

Atlanta Housewife/Model Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas attend an exclusive evening of cocktails and private shopping to benefit The Compound Foundation hosted by Ne-Yo and David Yurman Atlanta on Friday in Atlanta, Georgia.


NJ Housewives’ Danielle Staub poses with Alexa Winner and Allie Rizzo at the FIT Organ Donor Awareness event on Monday in NYC.


Friends again? NYC Housewives Alex McCord and Jill Zarin post for a pic at Teri Jon’s Spring 2011 fashion show on Monday.


Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian attend the celebration of Perfumania and Kim Kardashian’s appearance on NBC’s “The Apprentice” on Wednesday in NYC.


Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards arrives at the TV Guide Magazine 2010 Hot List Party on Monday.


Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong arrives at TV Guide Magazine’s “2010 Hot List” Party on Monday.


BH Housewife Camille Grammer arrives at the TV Guide Magazine 2010 Hot List Party on Monday.


Khloe Kardashian celebrates the Wedding Central network’s New York launch with a promotional event Tuesday at Madison Square Park.



NYC Housewife Kelly Bensimon and The Rockettes attend the opening night of the 2010 Radio City Christmas Spectacular on Tuesday in NYC.


NYC Housewife Ramona Singer attends the official prepaid Kardashian MasterCard launch at Pacha on Tuesday.


NYC Housewife Jill Zarin and husband Bobby Zarin attend the 4th annual Fashion Forward event on Monday in NYC.


Former Atlanta housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell and her 3 songs at the Atlanta premiere of Disney’s new film, “Tangled”.


Also at the Disney event, Atlanta housewife Cynthia Bailey and her daughter Noelle(far right).



Andy Cohen shows off his famous friends by posing with Jessica Seinfeld and husband Jerry Seinfeld at Jessica Seinfeld’s book launch on Monday in NYC.


Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi joined Dora’s Cooking Club at Wednesday’s NYC launch of 2K Play/Nickelodeon Fit for Wii.


Bethenny Frankel attends the 24th Annual Power Lunch For Women hosted by CityMeals-on-wheels on Friday in NYC. (What is she wearing???)


NYC Housewives’ Kelly Bensimon (L) and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps at the Teri Jon’s Spring 2011 fashion show.


DC Housewife Stacie Turner and Lauren Hutton attend the Knock-Out Abuse Against Women 17th Annual Fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on November 11, 2010 in Washington, DC.


Mom Kourtney Kardashian totes a bundled up 11-month-old Mason to music class Wednesday in N.Y.C.

Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa VanderPump arrives at the TV Guide Magazine 2010 Hot List Party at Drai’s Hollywood on November 8, 2010 in Hollywood, California.


BH Housewife Kyle Richards arrives at the 4th Annual Rock The Kasbah Gala in Supoprt of Virgin Unite in the Grand Hall on Thursday in Los Angeles.