Teresa Giudice does make pizza!

30 Sep

Everyone knows I love Teresa, she is my girl! She cracks me up!
Joe Giudice, her husband, made a comment earlier on Real Housewives of New Jersey that he had “never seen Teresa make a pizza” which surprised people because Teresa wrote a cookbook, and said that she did everything, from cleaning her house to cooking for her family, on her own. Normally, I would find this hard to believe, because she leads a very busy lifestyle. She makes press appearances almost every day, works actively in charity, is writing a new book, promoting her own book, has 4 active and busy daughters, and the normal day to day life of a housewife, but Teresa has ALOT of energy and drive, and I do believe that she does everything on her own.

Melissa Gorga made a comment on her Facebook back in 2009 that Teresa’s mom helps her alot with the kids, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. How many people don’t have their parents help them with their kids at least once in a while? Obviously, those are her kid’s grandparents, so they are going to be around the house a lot, so why not help out? Teresa has a very busy life, and I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with having her mom help her out once in a while. I do have a problem when women push their children over to nannies, and their children are raised by someone other then their parents, that is just irresponsibility, but I know that Teresa is the main care taker of her children, and that has never been a question.

Back to Joe’s comment about Teresa never making pizza.. Teresa squashed those rumors tonight by posting pictures of her chef skills on Twitter. She also killed any possible rumor that her and Joe had split by taking a picture with Joe in their home. Here are the pictures-


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