UNreal Housewives of Beverly Hills?

13 Oct







If Monday (Oct 11) premiere party for Bravo’s new reality series — “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — was any indication, this show should immediately be renamed “Unreal Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In fact, it shouldn’t even be called a “reality show,” based on the enhanced appearances of so many of the women at the premiere.

There were more starved skinny bodies, fake breasts, pulled, plumped and frozen faces, Chiclet white teeth, pinched noses, lifted lids, hair extensions, highlights, artificial nails and faux spray tans at Trousdale than you could shake a syringe at.

One party peep remarked, “There is more plastic surgery at this party than anywhere else in Beverly Hills tonight.”











And the fashions? It was a near toxic overdose of satin, sequins, shimmer, sheer, gold and silver lame, and oodles of diamonds, all a testament to that old adage: Money can’t buy taste.

It was a Hilton Family reunion with Kathy Hilton looking relatively demure in her sparkly, shoulder baring gown while her sister, RHBH star Kyle squished herself into a white and silver low-cut prom-like dress.

Paris Hilton wore a short kimono style dress while Nicky, only 27, already looked cougaresque in a skin tight leopard mini dress. For some reason, LaToya Jackson looked less scary as usual.











RHBH star Kelsey Grammer‘s almost ex-wife, Camille Donatacci wasn’t talking about Kelsey’s girlfriend’s miscarriage and who can blame her.  Her publicist told us that Camille would not address the divorce or the recent miscarriage, because “it’s not her business.”

Camille looked scary skinny and a source told the Dish Rag: “This divorce has been really tough on her.  She’s been trying to wade through it all and make sense of it, But it’s been hard.”

Also on hand, three more RHBH stars Adrienne Maloof – sister of the casino owning Maloof brothers, Villa Blanca restaurant owner Lisa Vanderpump-Todd and business woman Taylor Armstrong.

Thursday night’s premiere episode was about a $50,000 birthday bash for a 4-year-old and a the dilemma about a designer teacup pooch named Giggy.

Andy Cohen, Bravo’s senior vice president for original programming and development, raved to the New York Times: ‘I wanted Beverly Hills to pass what I call the Jackie Collins test. We wanted the city and the housewives to be aspirational. We wanted other women to look at them and think, “I want that.”

Aspirational? Do you want to look and live like these women? Guess you’ll have to watch the show to find out. It airs on Bravo on Thursday (Oct 14).


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