Are the RHOBH boring?

14 Oct

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The best thing that can be said for the six “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on their opening night is that they aren’t as annoying as their counterparts in New York or New Jersey.

The fact they don’t make us want to wash our hands, though, is not the same as saying their self-absorbed dramas are worth an hour of our lives.

To be fair, it isn’t their fault that after previous “Housewives” editions in Orange County, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta and D.C., we’ve already seen most of the petty arguments that are hyperinflated for TV purposes to create the illusion they matter.

F’rinstance: Adrienne, a part-owner of the Sacramento Kings, charters a plane to fly the other five from L.A. to Sacramento’s last home game of the season.

After they fly back home, Kyle criticizes her sister Kim for not interacting enough. Kim replies that she was seated at the end of the row, next to Taylor, and that Taylor turned her back, making it clear she didn’t want to chat.

This drama probably consumes six or seven minutes of screen time. For the average viewer, the time would be better spent wandering out to the kitchen and alphabetizing cereal boxes.

That is to say, who cares? TV producers may want us to believe anything on television must be important or at least interesting, but sometimes it is neither, even when it happens in a setting that feels as manufactured and contrived as the world in “Toy Story.”

Now the “Real Housewives” series has never pretended to be about actual ordinary women. It began as a lowbudget, tongue-in-cheek reaction to the phenomenon of ABC‘s “Desperate Housewives,” and it has its best moments when it remembers that.

Even though its participants are almost all wealthy exhibitionists, they can still be obnoxious or sympathetic, and happily, the “Beverly Hills” bunch seem to have some humanity.

Camille is married to Kelsey Grammer and insists that she’s not a trophy wife. (Later in the season, we’ll learn they split up.) Lisa is the mandatory token Brit who starts by telling the camera that she has sex with her husband twice a year.

Kim and Kyle were child actresses. Kim, twice divorced with four kids, wants to keep them all around forever living the good life she loves. Kyle’s husband tells her that next time she goes shopping, he’ll make a deal: For every thousand dollars she spends, he gets to play an hour of golf.

Adrienne co-owns an entertainment empire. Taylor, married to a venture capitalist, spends much of her time looking over her shoulder for the cute young thing who could steal him away.

Coming attractions for the weeks ahead promise financial dramas, marital dramas and intra-group catfights.

We believe that.

It’s just that at this point, by the standards of the “Real Housewives” world, we’re buying off the rack.

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