Teresa Giudice Threatening to leave Real Housewives?

22 Oct

Teresa Giudice may be glad that self-proclaimed villainess Danielle Staub has been forced out of The Real Housewives of New Jersey but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t afraid to stir up drama.

According to TMZ, Teresa is currently embroiled in hardball negotiations with Bravo executives over her return to the show. Teresa is allegedly asking for double her salary from last season, which was $3,000 per episode. That’s salary peanuts compared to other reality stars like Jersey Shore‘s The Situation and Snooki who are both reportedly pulling in $30,000 per episode for their third season.

Teresa has a good reason to ask for more money: she is currently bankrupt with $11 million in debt. However, Teresa has enjoyed some new success from her cookbook, Skinny Italian, which has become a bestseller in the past year.

The Jersey mom may be demanding more money but that doesn’t mean that Bravo is willing to cough up the cash. The network is reportedly eyeballing replacements and executives allegedly “angered” Teresa in September when they approached Teresa’s extended family to join the show.

Bravo has had no qualms about replacing Real Housewives cast members in the past: both the Orange County and Atlanta versions of the show have seen multiple rotations of “housewives.”

Do you think Teresa deserves a pay raise? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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