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“It just seems like everytime Teresa says “Hello” or “Congratulations”, the sh*t hits the fan.”-Jacqueline Laurita

8 Jun

So, I don’t think I need to go into details about the cast of the show. If you’re reading this, your probaby already know all of them- Caroline, the strong, classy mother going through a little bit of empty nest syndrome; Jacqueline, the nicest and calmest of all the ladies and the frustrated mother of an adult but sometimes teenagish girl; Teresa, the Italian, fabulicious mother of three young girls; Melissa, the young mother of three children and wife of Teresa’s brother ( not to mention Kim G’s new companion); and Kathy, another strong Italian mother of two, who seems genuinely try to avoid drama. (Kathy reminds me of Caroline in some ways.)

I wanted to sit and write a whole lot more about this year’s season but I couldn’t really put it into words. I think most people in this family fued are innocent. Teresa, Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga, Melissa, Kathy, Kathy’s husband, the Gorga parents- I think they are all innocent. Each person has had their feelings hurt, and I’m sure a lot of words have been said, but I think each one of them would take them back if it meant everyone would stop fighting and be a family again. I kept help getting that nagging suspicion that someone behind the scenes is causing drama. I don’t even know who it could be. Probably just someone who loves to stir up drama and then watch it play out.

Overall, I really like each of the ladies. I feel like the editing, as in all reality shows, is creating more drama in some situations then there actually was. Like that scene with Kathy and Caroline. After Kathy finished talking, it cut to a clip of Caroline saying, “I don’t care.” I’m pretty positive that was edited. Caroline said, “I don’t care.” in response to something completely different but Bravo editors clipped that in, in order to create drama.

There are some rape charge rumors going around and someone who was at the christening is trying to tell the real story of what happened. The person says that neither Teresa nor Melissa were guilty for the fued that broke out. I post information about those two things in the next few posts.